Francesca has an uncanny ability to create a grounded space where even a group of people who may not know each other somehow feel safe being vulnerable and authentic. She is able to listen deeply and weave together and crystallize the thoughts and reflections she hears into a coherent narrative that both makes us feel heard and understood, and also helps us to see the connections between us and bring us closer together. She is truly a gift.
— Lisa C.
My feelings of self-loathing and anxiety were overwhelming. I wanted to understand, confront and heal the core wounds that had been running unchecked in my life. I felt a lot of shame and weakness around needing support. Francesca made me feel embraced, understood and hopeful. She was clearly knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to helping others experience holistic healing. After months of working with Francesca, I still to this day, leave our meetings feeling more grounded, whole and at peace. I am now able to engage in richer, fuller and more meaningful relationship with myself and with those close to me. Francesca’s guidance, support, compassion, patience and hope are active and tangible and you cannot help but experience them by being around her and working with her! I would recommend Francesca without a doubt! Finding someone to work with is such a large part of many people’s personal journey in healing. Francesca strikes the perfect balance between pushing and holding with boundaries and compassion. She inspires healing from within.
— Mollie M.
I started seeing Francesca at a very dark time in my life— while I was mourning the deaths of several friends, my therapist at the time left her practice and recommended me to Francesca. I was suffering greatly through the endings of my friendships and desperately needed a seamless transition. Francesca provided that and more than I could have imagined. I didn’t know anything about somatic experiencing. I’ve been very content to come to our sessions as myself, without any notions about how the session “should” go. I have been in more traditional types of therapy for the past 14 years, but Francesca’s method has been more effective for me than any others I’ve tried.
I have now been working with Francesca for over 8 months. I feel a deep sense of calm and trust. She has helped me integrate my plant medicine practices and weave all of my healing techniques into a beautiful blanket.
— Carolyn C.
I had been feeling a lot of anxiety and googled “feminist, LGBT, life coach,” and found Francesca. I knew I wanted to see someone for a long time but the two people I tried before did not reveal my inner psyche to me in the same way. Francesca’s practice aligns with the way I want to heal and is both soothing, kind and caring, and also intense in the way that it forces me into a reckoning with some aspect of myself, my past, or things that I’ve been holding onto that no longer serve me. I feel more comfortable creating boundaries between work and my life outside work. I feel more comfortable with my natural hair and have worn it down all week, which I’ve never really done at work. I’m having fewer anxious, obsessive thoughts and am overall calmer and more grounded overall.

1. I can self-soothe more effectively when anxious/obsessive thoughts arise
2. I know where the root of emotional ailments derive
3. I am more comfortable with myself and my appearance.

The way that Francesca totally immerses herself in my psyche and takes an incredibly empathic, calming, and intense approach towards putting my consciousness back inside myself to discover the inception of certain feelings/sensations/obsessions. She helps me connect the dots in an incredibly intense and transcendent way. Healing is not easy in the way I thought it would be but it is rigorous and connective and helps clear the mist that may be clouding you from achieving inner peace. I would definitely recommend that others work with Francesca.
— Sara S.
In my 40’s I lost my father and needed support. Francesca provided me with a safe, trustworthy environment free of judgement. She brought me on a healing journey. Francesca has a natural caregiving presence allowing for her clients to feel relaxed. My sessions with her often result in a restful and productive week. Francesca is compassionate, empathetic and wise, she serves as an active listener and guides you through your challenge allowing you to make clear forward-thinking decisions. Francesca’s healing voice, smile and spirit will stay with me forever.
— Nyree D.
Francesca is super-insightful, wise and caring. She has helped me to work as an advocate for myself, and to be proactive for beneficial change. She has guided me in my desire to change jobs for the better, resulting in a new job with a higher salary. She has also helped me enhance my self-awareness and improve my relationships with others,
— ZJ
Before working with Francesca, I had already tried to heal various traumas, but the methods I had been using were not enough to help me move past certain challenges. In our work together, I’ve learned skills to help calm my body and mind. My approach to stress, and to life, has been turned on its head. Mindfulness has awakened an awareness within me: it’s taught me skills about how to create space from my emotions, and even more, to learn how to be with my emotions. Francesca helps me move through current and past traumas, resentments, and blocks with a 3-fold approach: psychoeducation, mindfulness practice and somatic experiencing. I have gotten so much from working with her. I highly recommend Francesca to anyone looking to process trauma, address ordinary life challenges, or simply improve their overall quality of life.
— Effy M.
I’ve been working with Francesca for a few months but feel as if I have grown in lifetimes of wisdom.

I came to Francesca seeking trauma relief from a recent incident and spiritual guidance from a fellow Feminist Buddhist. Her practice using Somatic-Therapy and mindfulness training, have not only helped me to release unhealthy behaviors, thoughts, and relationships, but to find a deeper connection to myself and the world around me.

Our work together has elevated my ability to have a happy and productive life and also grow into a compassionate leader myself.

Her teachings of Mind-Body awareness help me in everyday moments and are tools I will carry with me for a lifetime.
— AM
I met Francesca last year at a professional development workshop. These tend to be places where you learn a new technique by practicing on yourself and fellow therapists. I was paired up with Francesca and brought up an issue regarding a recent accomplishment and some reticence I seemed to be displaying about fully “putting myself out there.” Francesca guided me through earlier recollections and I remembered an incident where I had been bullied as a 5th grader many years ago when I “stood out.” Looking to help me get an immediate result, she moved “off script” from the specific technique of the workshop to re-experience the emotions and then used body based therapeutic techniques to recreate the memory of the incident with much more positive and confident outcomes. It definitely impacted me then and I’ve continued to carry that shift with me in day-to-day life since!
— Michael G.