Francesca Maximé is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher & somatic experiencing practitioner (in training). She also hosts the #WiseGirl podcast on the Be Here Now Network, available on iTunes and YouTube. She is a Haitian-Dominican Italian-American certified meditation teacher in Brooklyn, and a mindfulness student of Insight Meditation Society co-founder Jack Kornfield and IMCW founder Tara Brach. Through her Creating Space for Wellbeing and Mindful Brooklyn offerings, Maximé is also a wellbeing consultant & life coach, social entrepreneur, and a practitioner-in-training with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. She has sat in silent retreat cumulatively for several months and teaches meditation and mindfulness in New York City and online, primarily through the Insight/Theravada lens. Maximé integrates mindfulness and relational practices, psychology and attachment theory, modern neuroscience, positive neuroplasticity and somatic “bottom-up” approaches in her private and group teachings and trainings with clients and students. Francesca’s focus is applied mindfulness, personal resilience and sustainable wellbeing, with a broader communal lens additionally emphasizing issues pertaining to gender and racial equality. Francesca is also a poet, author, and TV news personality, having appeared on-air as a news anchor and correspondent for local, national, network and international television stations including PBS NewsHour, Bloomberg, NBC and FOX having interviewed countless celebrities and politicians alike while reporting live on scene from some of the most groundbreaking stories in the last two decades. Maximé is currently the host of the #WiseGirl video podcast where she interviews neuroscientists, trauma specialists, psychotherapists, Buddhist and mindfulness meditation teachers including Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Mark Epstein, Dr. Vincent Felitti, Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Bruce Ecker, author Mark Matousek, law Professor Rhonda Magee, Grammy-winning bassist Christian McBride, Dharma Teacher Ruth King, sociologist Dr. Michael Kimmel, Sharon Salzberg, Lama Surya Das and Lama Rod Owens and activists particularly around the issues of systemic racism and oppression, gender identity, sexual orientation, trauma, mindfulness, and wellbeing. Francesca graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English Literature and also loves the beach, playing tennis, her two cats, and baking yummy things.